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        Product detail

        Please Note:

        1.If the image is blurry, it is recommended that you switch the resolution to try.

        2.If there is audio noise, please use a separate USB charger to charge adapter instead.

        3.This vga computer to hdmi adapter only converts VGA signal into HDMI signal, it won't work if you are using HDMI signal source.

        4.Our 1080p vga to hdmi converter adapter supports a maximum resolution of 1920*1080, which will not work if your resolution exceeds 1920*1080.

        5.If there is no signal on the screen, please make sure your computer vga to hdmi adapter has plugged the usb cable, this is necessary power required for the conversion from vga to hdmi. Or remember to toggle the computer screen to the monitor or TV.

        6.If your TV has multiple input sources as HDMI 1/HDMI 2,/HDMI 3 or DVI/DP/HDMI and others,please select the HDMI input interface you need. FOR EXAMPLE :

        If you want to connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI 2 interface on your TV, then select HDMI 2 input on your TV with the remote control.


        One-way Design,ONLY Support from VGA to HDMI

        One-way Design,ONLY Support from VGA to HDMI

        vga to hdmi adapter can be applied to various scenarios

        How to use the vga input to hdmi output adapter?

        1.Insert the VGA into your devices (laptop,desktop or DVD or others).

        2.Insert the USB into the related prot on your device for getting the supplementary power.

        3.Insert the 3.5mm AUX into the Audio output on your source device(laptop,desktop or DVD or others)

        4.Play the video, PPT and documentation, the images will be displayed on the screen of the other display device.

        5.Insert the HDMI cable (not include) to the HDMI female interface, and then connect the HDMI cable to the Displayer or projector/TV/ display screens with the HDMI interface.

        Compatible Mode: The vga to hdmi cord converter usually use system: win7, win8, win10

        Support a Full High Definition Resolution :The vga to hdmi female adapter allows for a connection to HDMI monitors and projectors supporting a maximum 1080P resolution

        Package included :

        1*USB power cable

        1*3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

        1*vga to hdmi with audio adapter