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        Product detail

        usb c hub

        QGeeM USB C Hub to 4K HDMI video and audio output

        OUR USB C HUB :Massive Expansion, High-Speed, High-Definition,Fast Power Delivery

        -Easily enable you to connect your laptop to an external Display, Monitor, TV, Projector with support resolution at 3840 x 2160 4K, 1920x1200

        1920x1080 ect.and fully compatible with 2K and 1080P resolution allows you to capture the detail of the image in larger space.

        -Note1: For 4K video output, it only supports a 30Hz refresh rate and Does Not support 60Hz refresh rate.

        -Note2: The video output needs your device’s type c port support DP Alt Mode or Thunderbolt 3. Please make sure whether your device support or not.

        -Note3: Not recommend you charge phone through USB 3.0 port as USB port only can only offer max 1.5A current and will charge your phone slowly.

        -Note4: The Max resolutions and refresh rates output of the adapter are entirely dependent on the USB-C host devices, connected cable and the display specifications.

        -Note5: Please connect the PD port to the power supply when using 2 hard drive simultaneously or a lot of power-hungry devices through the USB 3.0 port , to make sure every port can provide enough power.

        -Note6: When the PD adapter is inserted and removed,the connected USB device will be quickly disconnected and then restored within a few seconds.To prevent data loss or damage, avoid disconnecting the PD adapter from AC power while transferring data.

        usb c hub hdmi

        Why I can't get the HDMI port to work ?

        1) Not all USB-C interfaces are compatible with our USB C to HDMI Hub.Please Confirm if the connected USB-C port of your device supports "DP Alt Mode" before purchase.To do this, please consult your device's user manual, contact the seller, or check the manufacturer's website.

        2) Try a different computer and HDMI HUB to see if the issue still persists.

        3) Plug your HDMI cable directly into your device and see if you get a stable connection. If you can't get a stable connection, then the problem is with your HDMI cable.

        4) Choose correct HDMI input source while using this Type-C to HDMI Hub

        HDMI Port


        USB 3.0 Port


        Resolution Setting



        USB C HUB usb 3.0 hub usb 3.0 docking station docking station laptop docking station
        USB C HUB USB TO HDMI HUB USB 3.0 Docking Station USB C Docking Station Laptop Docking station
        Max of Displays Connected to Dock 1 1 3 3 3
        Video Ports HDMI HDMI 2*HDMI+VGA 2*HDMI+VGA 2*HDMI+DisplayPort
        Resolutions Supported 4K@30Hz 1920x1080p60Hz 1920x1080p60Hz 3840x2160p30Hz 3840x2160p30H
        USB Port Specifications USB 3.0+USB2.0 USB 2.0 *3 USB 3.0*2 USB 3.0*2+USB 2.0*2 USB 3.0*2+USB 2.0*2
        Laptop Connection USB-C USB 3.0 USB 3.0/USB-C USB-C USB-C