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        usb 3.0 docking station
        usb c hub

        Experience Lifelike images and videos in immersive with QGeeM Triple Display Docking Station

        • Note1: Before using this docking station, please download a Displaylink driver
        • Note 2: When connecting 3 displays at the same time, the resolution can only reach up to (VGA:1920*1080@60Hz) +(HDMI 1:1920*1080@60Hz)+(HDMI 2: 2048*1152@60Hz)
        • Note 3: When use the extend mode, the VGA and HDMI1 display same image,the HDMI1 and HDMI2 and laptop diaplay different image
        • Note 4: Disable the prompt (current overload)when pop up and restart your laptop and Connect our docking to the power supply through the usb-c port before plugin any other port
        • 9 Ports USB Docking Station:2*HDMI+VGA+Ethernet+2*USB3.0+SD/Mirco SD Card slot+USB-C Ports
        • It can stream/extend video to your monitor/projector/TV with 2HDMI/VGA port from your Laptop/ iPad/tablets
        • Weighing around 102g and stylishly slim, docking station is designed to be as portable as possible. Perfect for office work use and business travelling and entertainment
        • This RJ45 Ethernet port unlocks enviably high speeds up to 1000Mbps, the dock can automatically recognize and adjust to your local network plan for your convenience
        • TF and SD slot can not use at the same time
        • The USB-C port is design for our docking station charging only(not support charging for laptop)
        • The current output of the dock is around 5V, 1A or 2A