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        QGeeM USB Ethernet Adapter : USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is specifically designed to provide network capabilities to the older computers or new thin notebooks without an Ethernet port. Instantly add network connectivity to a computer with USB 3.0 for extremely fast file transfers or streaming downloads. Wired connections provide faster data transfers and better security than a Wi-Fi connection. USB 3.0 supports 10/100 / 1000Mbps speed. Compatible with both USB2.0 and USB1.1


        • Important Notes : NOT compatible with the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Wii


        Plug & Play Portability : No external power required, no driver software required.Simply plug the adapter into the USB port of your computer without downloading any external software drivers.

        Reliable and stable : It provides smooth, stable Gigabit when the wireless connection is unstable or beyond the extended network.

        Aluminium Case : Minimize interference for stable ethernet network, offer fast heat-insulation and durability.

        LED indicator : Diagnostic LED indicators verify the network connection and data transfer status.

        Non-slip Grips & Snugly Fits : Easy plug & unplug, firmly connected to provide stable signal transfer.

        Braided Nylon Cable : Strong protective cover to bending.

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        USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter USB C to Ethernet Adapter USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter USB C to VGA Adapter USB C to Displayport Adapter
        Feature USB 3.0 Port USB C Port USB 3.0 Port USB C Port USB C Port
        Feature RJ45 RJ45 VGA VGA DP
        Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum